Some of the most important activities of the NSS carried out according to the calendar of NSS are as follows.


1.     Observation of NSS foundation day : The NSS units, Govt Kolasib college also observed the NSS foundation day on 24th  september 2015. On this day voluntary blood donation camp was organised in the college. The college have donated 40 units of blood where male donated 39 units of blood and female donated 9 units of blood.


2.     Construction of urinal and toilet at District Hospital OPD Kolasib : NSS units, Govt. Kolasib College created an useful public asset by constructing public urinal and toilet near district hospital OPD Kolasib. 


3.     Traning of trainers progamme ( ToT) : NSS programme officer Lalrinngheti attended the training,  “Training of trainers programme” ‘ on social harmony and national unity’ ( SHANU) . The training was held during 2-6 Febuary 2016.


4.     Special camping : Two special camping was organised . Saidan Kolasib and Meidum (adopted model village) during the year 2015-2016. 


5.     Green Mizoram day : NSS volunteers and the PO’s organised social works during green Mizoram day and looking after the NSS tree slapping as well as the college campus on the green Mizoram day. Refreshment was served to all the volunteers as well as the college staffs who rendered service in this regard in the evening.