1. Awareness Campaign on Anti-ragging:  In compliance with the circular received from the UGC on Ragging, the college organized Awareness Campaign on Anti-Ragging on the 12th January, 2015, at Lecture Hall-1. The Principal, Mr. B.S. Thapa, delivered a lecture on the evils of ragging in the forenoon session. In the afternoon session the IQAC Coordinator, Mr. Thangchhuana Sailo, spoke on the need to make the campus ragging-free. He remarked that, so far, cases of ragging had not been noticed in the college and it was the duty of the student community to keep the campus ragging-free. About 200 students participated in the Programme. 

2. Orientation Programme on Feedback: At the initiative of the IQAC the College Development resolved to have, like other colleges, feedback from students on teachers’ performance. The Teaching Staff Meeting endorsed the same. The IQAC Coordinator and the Head of Department of Education were entrusted to prepare feedback forms. With the feedback forms at hand it was decided to hold an orientation programme on Feedback. The Programme was held on the 8th April, 2016 at Lecture Hall-1.  Mr. Lalnunhlua, the Head of Department of Education spoke on the objective of the feedback to be started, and how the feedback had to be done, illustrating the students’ part and the teachers’ part. About 270 students and 50 teachers participated.

3. Orientation Programme on Mentoring: The IQAC proposed to the Principal to start mentoring of students. The Principal placed the proposal befroe the Teaching Staff Meeting which resolved to this effect. The Principal then set up a Mentorship Committee with the Vice-Principal as the Chairman and the IQAC Coordinator as the Secretary. To start with, the committee organized an Orientation programme on mentoring on the 6th October, 2016 at Multi-Purpose Hall. about 330 students and 50 teachers attended the programme. The programme was anchored by Mr. T. Zahmingliana, Secretary, Mentorship Committee. The Vice-Principal, Mr. Lalbiaktluanga Ngente, said that about 50 teachers would be selected as mentors who would have about 10 mentee-students under his/her charge. He also said that the objective of mentoring was to have a close relationship between the teachers and students and for the mentor-teacher to render all possible help to his/her mentees. 

4. Orientation Programme on Log Book: It was felt necessary to reinforce Feedback with Log Book to monitor classroom activities. For this reason, as proposed by the IQAC, Log Book system was resolved to be introduced. Log Book was prepared in such a way as to reflect the efficacy of classroom teaching. Mr. Laltanpuia Rengsi, the Head of the department of Geography, who designed the Log Book was the Resource Person for this Orientation Programme on Log Book held on 27th October, 2017 at the Multi-Purpose Hall. He lectured on the purpose of the Log Book and how it was to be implemented. He also requested the students to elect Class representative who would have to countersign on the Log Book written by the teacher. About 340 students and 50 teachers participated in the programme.

5. Orientation Programme on Departmental Teacher-Student Interface:  As the Coordinator, IQAC started to collect reports from the various committees and departments in preparation for SSR writing he realized the need to start new practices to be called Best Practices. Therefore, in a Meeting of the Teaching staff he called upon teachers to suggest and name a practice which should be started immediately, and which should be called Best Practice of the college. The meeting resolved to start “Monthly Departmental Teacher-Student Interface”. As appointed, the IQAC Cordinator prepared the format of the Interface. Then, an Orientation Programme on Interface was held on 6th July, 2018 at the Multi-Purpose Hall, attended by about 420 students and 50 teachers. The Resource Person, Mr. T. Zahmingliana informed the meeting of the objective of the Interface proposed to be started. He explained the way the Interface was to be conducted, elaborating on the roles of the students and teachers.

6. Workshop on soft Skills & Communication: The Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Cell of the college organized Workshop on Soft Skills & Communication on 29th August, 2018 at the Multi-Purpose Hall of the college. The workshop was funded by RUSA. Mr. Thangdailova, the chairman of the Entrepreneurship & Skill Development Cell conducted the workshop. Mrs. Jacinta Colney of the firm, “Avenues”, Shillong, came as the Resource Person. About 110 students and 10 teachers including the Principal attended the workshop. The Resource Person, being professional, did a great job. The audience was captivated by her lecture and demonstrations. Over all, it was a great programme.