Faculties In Charge:

                1. Mrs Padmini Thapa, Associate Professor

                2. Dr Tracy Lalduhawmi, Assistant Professor

What is GKC Pink Club?

            GKC Pink Club was constituted on 1st February 2018 under Women Empowerment Cell. All interested female students are enrolled as members in the club. Presently, there are 84 members in the Club. GKC Pink Club is the backbone of Women Empowerment Cell.

Aims and Objectives:

                 1. To render all possible help to Women Empowerment Cell

                  2. To motivate female students towards Women Empowerment.

                  3. Capacity Building and Skill development of female students.


        1. As part of the Skill Development Programme, Women Empowerment Cell organized Cooking Classes with GKC Pink Club on 8th and 20th February, 2018 for interested students in the college. Lalnuntluanga, Chef and Owner of Cheers Restaurant, Kolasib was invited to take the Cooking Classes.

        2. On 17th April, 2018, Women Empowerment Cell with GKC Pink Club display posters in the college campus relating to constitutional provisions for women as well as helpline numbers for complaints of female students grievances. The mobile numbers of the Vice Chairperson and Secretary of Women Empowerment Cell are registered as the two Helpline Numbers.

        3.  Flower Arrangement Classes was organized on 13th and 27th July, 2018 . Mr Lalduhawma, Venglai was invited to take the Flower Arrangement Classes.

        4. Tailoring and Embroidery Classes was organized on 11th and 26th September, 2018 for skill development of female students in the college. Miss F. Lalmuansangi, Fashion Designer and owner of Varsia was invited to take the Tailoring and Embroidery Classes for interested female students.